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Route 5 Changes Coming September 5th


The Butler Transit Authority will be making changes to its Route 5 starting September 5th of this year. The changes and methodology for the modifications are described below.

The authority is very pleased to offer passengers a wealth of technological features to enhance their experience. This same technology allows the transit authority to make educated decisions regarding route revisions. It is the Authority’s goal to provide the community with the most efficient, reliable bus service possible.

Here are the new bus stops, bus stop revisions and bus stop removals for Route 5:

The new stops on Route 5 will include the new VA Health Care Center and Thompson Greene Apartments, both located on Duffy Road. Utilizing the technology available to BTA, the authority was able to identify the Butler VA as the third most heavily used stop on Route 5, after the downtown terminal and Walmart. BTA recognized the importance of servicing the new VA stop to the community and its passengers. Thompson Greene Apartments are a new facility that BTA hopes to provide another transportation option to its residents.

The stop revisions on Route 5 include moving stops from Byre Mor Court and Park Manor/Alameda Plaza to New Castle Road. Again, using technology aboard the buses, the authority was able to see that Byre Mor is not a heavily used stop. Not wanting to eliminate the stop completely, BTA moved the stop approximately 250 feet to New Castle Road. While Park Manor and Alameda Plaza are serviced by Route 1, they can also still use Route 5 by making a short walk to New Castle Road. BTA also rerouted the bus through Butler Commons to service Walmart and Panera. Passengers boarding at Target can still utilize Route 1 or board at the Panera stop.

As of September, Route 5 will no longer service Butler Crossings. This decision was made for two reasons, number one, Butler Crossings shopping plaza is already serviced by Route 1. Number two, Butler Crossings is connected to Butler Commons. Passengers can take a short walk from Butler Commons into Butler Crossings to shop, work, etc. The other stop removal is the Benbrook Medical Center Cul-De-Sac. This stop was also removed for two reasons; one, the stop is only 550 feet away from the bus stop at the Benbrook Medical Center and cars are often parked in the cul-de-sac creating an issue for the operators. Number two reason was lack of ridership. In fiscal year 2016-2017 only 57 passengers used the cul-de-sac stop. This ridership does not justify keeping the stop.

Passengers that are not able to use BTA stops due to physical limitations may be eligible for paratransit services provided by the Butler Area Rural Transit (BART).

The Butler Transit Authority takes great lengths to make route revisions. The Authority uses planning software, automated passenger counters, operator feedback, google earth and other tools to make knowledgeable, well-informed decisions. The authority always welcomes feedback and passenger comments to better improve its routes and service provided.


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