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The Butler Transit Authority urges PennDOT to Approve Long Anticipated Commuter Service to Pittsburgh


Recently, BTA sent a letter pressing PENNDOT to release funds to match federal money previously awarded to BTA.  Without PennDOT approval these federal funds will expire at the end of the federal fiscal year.

BTA is working closely with Federal, State, and local officials for the release of $534,895 in state bond funding to match the $2,627,062 in federal funds for the purchase of five (5) CNG coach buses intended for a planned Butler to Pittsburgh commuter service.  With the deadline fast approaching for the lapsing of these federal funds, BTA has requested PennDOT expedite its approval process.  Without timely approval our community will miss an opportunity to make vital improvements to our public transportation services and improve our local economy.  In addition, officials are also working to help secure a designation as a demonstration project that the aforementioned vehicles will provide for the much needed and anticipated commuter service that will be provided to Central and Southwestern Butler County residents.


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